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4/28/06 08:38 pm - What's livejournal again?

Alrighty, so I've abandoned my LJ for a while. I just have a lot more friends on Myspace. Sigh, oh well, anyway only two more days left and we'll be in our new apartment. I am so very excited! The closer we get to moving the more I hate this house. I just wish there was an option to buy. Or we were in the position to buy. That way we could fix it up (Since everything is starting to fall apart) and we could really make it ours. Nonetheless, I'm just excited to move. I can't wait to decorate and get all snuggly comfy! lol...I'm taking Monday and Tuesday off work, which is a little refreshing, but I know once I get back I'm am going to be slammed!!! I already work 1 to 2 hours of overtime everyday, but after two days off I might have to come in over the weekend to catch up. It's not a big deal thou because the money is good. Right now I'm taking a break from cleaning. I just scrubbed down the kitchen. My next project is the bathrooms. We don't have much more packing to do. Only the last minuet stuff, but I need Jason to bring home more boxes tonight. The ones we have are pathetically small. Let's see....what else? Jason and My 3rd year is on Tuesday. It's amazing we've been together so long. Sometimes it feels like we've been together a lot longer, but then when I think about it, 3yrs is a LONG time! I couldn't be happier thou. Things are so perfect with him!! My mom & Kenny are going to come down in a couple weeks to get her stuff and Angel (or as we like to call her Nigger). I'm really excited to see my mom. They are going to change the breaks on my car. It's about time! They've been squealing for a while now. I also need to get a tune up and oil change. Hump...We'll I better get back to cleaning...Until next time.......

3/9/06 06:17 pm - Karma's a bitch

Well, my brother left for Tennessee yesterday morning. It was really sad. We've only had, but about a month together and in that time it seems like our relationship, not only got back to normal, but got stronger as well. He is my old brother again and even Tina seems to be the way she was when they first got together. And now they have this beautiful daughter whom I love with all my heart. It really sucks that they are going so far away, but they seem to like it out there and that might be the best environment for Noela once she gets older. It's certainly a better place to raise a child than Las Vegas.

With that said....I was reminded what a pathetic loser Alan is while we were helping Mike and Tina load up the UHAUL. He sat on the back of his truck for 5hrs and watched us load up the truck. God! That guy has no life! I really wish I could've seen the look on his face when he went into that house after we had left. They trashed that place good. A toilet that hadn't been flushed in a month. Dirty dippers, tampons and trash left anywhere and everywhere. Cat litter dumped into a brand new bath tub covered in piss! It was fucking hilarious! That fucking pathetic, drugged out faggot gets everything he deserves! I hope he overdoses and dies a lonely, bitter death.

2/9/06 07:50 pm - Time & time again

I should really update more often! Especially when there's been a lot going on with me. My brother and I are talking again! Seems like he sees what my ex-step dad is all about...so much that he even called my mom and talked to her for like 4 hours. It's really great! I finally got to see my niece Noela! She is so precious! My brother is moving back to Tennessee soon, which sucks because its so far away. The rest of my family is trying to convice him to at least move to Utah (where most my family is) so he is closer, but he seems pretty set in his ways. I predict he'll be back within no time. Right now I'm trying to soak up as much time as I can with him and my niece.

In work related news....I move into my new office with my new boss and co-workers on Tues. Although I won't actually be at work considering its Valentine's Day. I'm actually starting to look forward to moving. Everything is so negative in my current office, I really can't wait to get moved. I'll be away from the annoyance of one of my co-workers and its like getting a new job. My new boss seems pretty nice and so do the girls that work for her. I know I'll be stressed...being the only one taking care of Harrah's itself, but the overtime I'll be working will be worth it.

1/10/06 07:27 pm

It's been a while since I've posted or updated. Work has been a little crazy lately. Well, I got a promotion and a nice $2 an hour raise! But I also found out that I'm no longer going to have Ken as my boss, which really sucks ass! I love him so much and he is such a wonderful boss! With us converging with Ceaser's, Paris/Bally's, and the Flamingo...we're going to be all over the place! In about 2 weeks we are going from an office of 4 people to an office of 22 people! Hopefully it will calm my annoying co-worker John down, but I hope I don't loose my mind with all those people either! what can you do?

On other notes, Leah moved out! I miss that crazy beaner, but I hope she is happy with Rai. Jason and I will soon be moving again which, I don't know why, but I'm kinda excited about. I love this house a lot, but I don't like the management or how much we pay a month. I'd much rather have a smaller place and the extra cash. Besides, this is the first time Jason and I will have to go out and look at places. I just think that this is a really big step for us, and its really exciting. It really seems as if things are working out.....I'm so happy right now!

12/23/05 06:33 am - HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!!!

I just wanted to wish someone a very happy birthday today! I love you moer than anything! You are the sun that lights my world! Today is going to be very special! Have a wonderful day!!!!! (I'm so sorry I have to work! =(

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I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

11/30/05 03:52 pm - Everything is wonderful!

Last night we lit our first fire in the fireplace. It was so beautiful sitting there watching it burn, holding hands with Jason. It was then I realized how lucky I am to be with someone as wonderful as him. How lucky I am to be where I am in life. A lot of people we went to school with are either dropouts, young parents, or still living with their parents. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it’s just not the life we want to live. I am really blessed to have the people that are in my life right now and I realized that I don’t want to waste my time with people that aren’t going to benefit me in the end. I would much rather focus all my attention on my family and friends I have right now.

Last night was the first night in a long time I felt completely content and happy in a long time. Our financial situation is rough and stressful at times, but whose isn’t? Especially people on their own for the first time! And even thou it seems like the most frustrating part of each day (some days more so than others) I really wouldn’t want it any other way. Doing it this way and being thrown into this kind of situation has really taught me what its like to be an adult and its defiantly made me a stronger person. I also think its tested Jason’s and I relationship and made it stronger. I do believe that we will be ready for anything life throws at us and we’ll only be able to grow and learn from each situation whether good or bad. We’ve gotten this far together! There isn’t any doubt in my mind anymore that we won’t be able to get thru having kids and growing old together.

Christmas is around the corner and I know sometime soon (maybe for only an hour or two) I’ll be an emotional wreck! This is the first Christmas since I’ve been born (for the past 21 years) that I won’t be with my mom. I’m really going to miss her, but it is also Jason’s and I 3rd Christmas together, but our very first one being REALLY together. Just him and me. It’s the most exciting feeling in the world! I want everything to be perfect! I think this is going to be the best Christmas so far!

11/15/05 04:47 pm - Weekend Update

Wow....what an awesome fucking weekend! I turned 21 on Friday and we've had a three day party. No work, No stress, No worries! My mom came down and surprised me on my birthday! Friday night we went to Red Robin for my B-day dinner. I get invited to a sex party by our waitress which was pretty disgusting, but whatever. Then we went to the store and bought 100 bucks in Alcohol consisting of....After Shock, Smirnoff strawberry, Bacardi’s Ciclon, MGD and Newcastle. My mom and Aunt Tara stayed a while. Tara got pretty drunk and was telling stories of when they were teenagers. Jeffy came over which is always awesome and then Jason's friend Erick Wiser came over. I don't remember too much after that because I puked a bit and passed out. Egh...After going to bed at 6:30, my mom and aunt got me up at 8am to go to Utah to see the rest of my family, which wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be after 2 hrs of sleep. Saturday night my mom stayed the night at my house and we casually drank with her (nothing like the night before) and played the Frogger game Jason got me. Sunday night we drank some more (only Jason and I) and we went to the park. That was pretty awesome! I think I'm all drinked out for a while. lol....Besides partying, my b-day couldn't have been better! Jason got me every 311 CD I didn't have (which was all but 2),the new System of a Down CD, and the new Fall Out Boy CD. Also, The Frogger game I mentioned earlier, and the 3rd season of Boy Meets World. Leah and Rai got me these way cute jogging pants and way cute T-shirt. I couldn't have asked for better people to have spent my B-day with. I am so grateful for my WONDERFUL boyfriend, my wonderful family and the close knit group of great friends! Here's too everyone that this weekend the best ever!!!!

11/1/05 11:55 am - Where'd all the candy go?

Jason and I have been having such awesome weekends lately! This weekend was one of the best I've had in a long time! We did a little X-mas shopping for our parents and as we were cruzin the Galleria Mall we spotted a stand that had games. She stopped to take a gander and I noticed they had a FRIENDS trivia game. I figured it was gonna be like 40-50 bucks, but it was only 20. We would've been stupid if we didn't buy it! We've been playing the shit outta it! Its the greatest thing in the world! ha ha...how lame are we?

Last night was pretty cool too. We decorated out house for Halloween about 2 weeks ago and bought candy for the little kiddies! We went to Fostos (how ever you spell it) for dinner. The BEST mexican food ever!! We came home and handed out candy for a bit. Until the candy started running low and then we put a sign on the door "Ran out of Candy" so we could have some Halloween goodies ourselves. That reminds me thou. Since when did kids stop dressing up for Halloween? I was a little disappointed with all the "skater" costumes that were worn last night. Anyway, we curled up with some Absoult and a good game of FRIENDS. I took the day off today, but I have a Doc. appointment so its not all for shits and giggles. Well, I've rammbled on...time to take a shower.

9/10/05 10:53 am - Wouldn't cha know it!

You&apos;re Betty Boop!
Bettie Boop

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8/30/05 03:55 pm - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

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